Sunday, November 23, 2008

Choosing A Flex Rating For Your Golf Clubs

When you are looking for golf clubs, you may be wondering about how many things you have to think about. How long the shaft, the head weight, what kind of grip, and many more small details come together to make that golf club just for your golfing style. Perhaps the one very important factor can be that of the flex of the golf clubs that you looking at buying. There can be different flex ratings with different golf clubs, and picking the right one for you can be a great positive effect for you on the greens. It can be difficult to understand when first dealing with it, but you should have no problem picking a shaft that has the perfect flex for you after you familiarize yourself with some of the basics of shaft flex. In the following post I will talk about how to familiarize yourself with the kinds of shaft flex.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


If you are looking to buy some golfing accessories, you should be careful on what you spend your money on. The game of golf allows you to buy a large amounts of things you don`t really need. You will see this in every aspect of the game, from the golf clubs to the golf course membership. People can waste huge amounts of money on deluxe golf clubs that they don`t really need, or memberships that they don`t really use. However, if you carefully choose what you buy then you can spend your money efficiently and enjoy the game to the maximum. This includes buying clubs that fit with your skill level, and buying accessories that will actually
enhance the game. These are a couple of top accessories, and probably the most useful
ones out there.

Organization is a very important part of the golf. If you keep all of your golf clubs in a
scattered mess, you can not find the right one when the time comes swing or putt. Therefore
if you do not already have a deluxe golf bag for your clubs, this should be your top priority.
The nicest golf bags should be easily accessible for your golf clubs, and give you a clear
indication of which ones are which. It is also nice to have other pockets and spaces for storage of
the things that you would like to take along in your golf games. Golf bags should also protect your clubs to some extent, and in the event that weight should be put on the bag you should be
confident that your expensive clubs are not damaged. This can be true if you travel with your golf clubs.

Motorized golf caddies are becoming top golf accessories out there. They carry your golf
bag for you wherever you go. If you want you game to be more of a relaxing sport than anything else, you should definitely look into getting one of these. It will take a great load off of your back and allow you to simply walk and enjoy the scenery, having your clubs with you all the while. If you add up the long-term costs, it is definitely cheaper than hiring a human caddy. These can be bought in some club shops, but if you want a large selection and a few different choices then you will have to look online. There are many web sites that sell these items, but shipping can be fairly expensive since they will have to transport the full, heavy item.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Golf Tips for Winter

Though out the history of golf learning to play golf can be a rather hard process. And if you live where it can get pretty cold you could be having some very big problems in how to use your golf training aids when the weather starts turning cold. But, if you work on putting together a game plan before the weather turns cold you could still be able to work on the golf tips that you have gotten no matter what the weather is. This can allow you to be able to work on improving your game any time of year, rather than only when the weather is good. Your other alternative would be to move or go on vacationing in an area that has better weather in the winter, and also has good golf courses there and maybe an amateur golf tournament to play in.

The idea of playing golf can be quite motivational, yet depending on were it is during winter it can be to cold to play there. And also you might have to deal with icy dew on the greens, and frozen water hazards can make playing in colder weather hard. If you still have a desire to continue playing a good option will be finding an indoor golf course to play, or finding an indoor driving range so you can still practice the golf tips that you have learned in the warmer months. If you can not find a driving range then you could reserve some space in your home free were you could continue practicing your swing, even without the ball. This can also be a good time to read about difference World Golf Systems.

While this is not the same as being on the greens, you still need to practice your swing no matter what the weather is outside. Otherwise, your first few games when spring comes around are likely to be very bad. A good exercise program during the poor weather months will help ensure that you work out continuously. Just like the times when you can play golf, you need to make sure that you are building lean muscle. You don’t want to build bulky muscle even during the winter months.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Finding a good golf book.

There are a lot of books that is available and with some time you can find the book for you, without having to worry about missing the basic points to the game. There are books that focus on giving helpful tips, to books that help you troubleshoot the problems that you come across, to books that help you learn the terminology of golf. There are tons of options that you can follow.

The most importation time to read a book about golf is when you are just in need for tips that will improve your game. Building your skills once you have the basics is easy to do and reading books to help with this is a great idea. There are tons of books available, both in print and also in eBook format that will help you to pick the best way that you can use it. If you are most comfortable reading a print book there are plenty that you can choose from, just as there are plenty of great eBooks that give you the same options as well.

Always read over the information that is in the book before you buy it. A lot of the books are not as well written and do not have good information that will help you. Many don’t have any importation info that will help you, which can be a real waste of money and make you feel rather frustrated with no real results. Always skim though the book a some before you buy it to make sure that you can see what is in it and what you think you could really learn. If you believe that the book has no good information offered in it then move on to a difference book that suits what you are looking for. Do not be afraid to take your time and make sure that you find the best book for your needs.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog about better golf.